Holly Cullen, Chief Operating Officer

Holly Cullen, Chief Operating Officer

Cloud Giants is pleased to announce the appointment of Holly Cullen as Chief Operating Officer.  

With over nine years of experience in consulting and operations, she will continue to be a key member of the leadership team at Cloud Giants, bringing her expertise, wisdom, and business operations acumen to key decisions about the company and its future.

Holly has held positions with major technology companies over the course of her career, including Accenture, Citrix, and Red Hat. She has a keen instinct for business process management and is driven by opportunities to help global organizations optimize their processes, systems, and tools.

Her enthusiasm for Salesforce.com as a highly-customizable CRM solution developed organically from this desire to deliver value with efficiency.

As COO, Holly will continue her focus on streamlining operations while maximizing value — something she prioritizes in day-to-day decisions as well as long-term strategy.

“I’m astounded by how bright the future is at Cloud Giants when I think of the possibilities in the upcoming years and take time to reflect on how far we’ve come,” Holly said. “We continue to grow and change. We’re fortunate to partner with a diverse base of customers and have an incredible team who provide the highest quality consulting and advance the unique Cloud Giants culture. I’m thrilled to be part of this dynamic organization.”

Holly holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics from Duke University and has worked with clients across many industries, ranging from agriculture to high tech.

“Holly is one of the most creative, hardworking, talented, people I’ve had the pleasure to work with,” said CEO and Founder Kelly Pfrommer. “Cloud Giants could not be what it is today without her dedication and drive. Elevating Holly’s position to Chief Operating Officer is a formal recognition of the work she’s been doing and her importance to our future. I am so grateful to Holly for her passion for our work, her kindness toward our team, and her courage to be part of it all.”