Your social feeds probably look a bit like ours right now. Tons of smiling faces aboard airplanes. Beautiful, moody views of downtown San Francisco with #nofilter. Old friends excited to be gathering together again.

It’s hard to believe, but Dreamforce officially starts tomorrow! And with over 170,000 registered attendees this year, it’s so much more than a tech conference. We’re thrilled our CEO and Founder Kelly is representing Cloud Giants this year in San Francisco. We also hope she has some comfy shoes packed in her luggage.

For those of us who aren’t attending Dreamforce, there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about the next four days of Salesforce announcements, keynotes, breakout sessions, and celebrations.

Here’s our top five reasons to be excited about taking it all in remotely:

1. Your feet won’t hurt and you can still catch a lot of the content.

You can catch keynotes, product announcements, and other events live. Or better yet, you can enjoy this content later on your own time.. Sure, you may not feel the same energy and excitement as if you were in the room surrounded by Salesforce Ohana, but your feet won’t be killing you and you won’t have total FOMO.

2. There are plenty of opportunities to network.

Making new connections and visiting with old friends is one of the best parts of Dreamforce. It’s more like a reunion than a conference. Local and regional events like Southeast Dreamin’ bring the fun much closer to you and, over the next four days in our offices, we made a pact to reach out to old friends from our networks that we haven’t connected with in a while. It’s like the song goes, make new friends but keep the old.

3. Salesforce knows how to keep you connected through social.

With accounts just for Dreamforce, Salesforce knows how to share the highlights so you don’t miss out. Between the official SFDC accounts and your own network, you can still follow along and feel like a part of the action. We’re living for all the photos of the Golden Gate Bridge right now.

Twitter: @Dreamforce, @Salesforce, #DF18

Facebook: Dreamforce and Salesforce pages

Instagram: @Dreamforce, @Salesforce, #DF18

4. It’s a great time to get ahead.

Dreamforce is notoriously exhausting — in the best possible way! While the grass is always greener, we’re grateful we don’t have to deal with airport security lines, time zone changes, or walking all those hilly streets this year. Instead, we’re using that energy to get ahead on some projects over the next four days, without the Dreamforce hangover.

5. Inspiration is everywhere.

From the Blazing Trails podcast to the Trailblazer stories on Trailhead, there’ s inspiration to carry you through your own Salesforce journey everywhere you look. You don’t need to be at Dreamforce to feel fully charged up and ready to go. Find what inspires you and run with it.  

And of course, Salesforce has great advice on how to get the most out of Dreamforce (for attendees and non-attendees alike).

It all kicks off tomorrow, so if you haven’t yet, check out the Dreamforce broadcast schedule to find what’s most important to you.