Scott Coleman

Scott Coleman

The Cloud Giants team is preparing to say goodbye and good luck to Principal Solutions Architect Scott Coleman this week. Scott will be transitioning to the IT organization at Red Hat, a longstanding Salesforce enterprise customer headquartered in Raleigh, N.C.   

With over a decade of experience working with Microsoft development technologies, Scott shifted his focus to the Salesforce platform in 2012. In his years at Cloud Giants, he’s proven himself to be a pragmatic technologist committed to partnering with each customer to deliver the right solution for their needs. He’s worked on a variety of Salesforce customizations, from user interfaces to integrations, for organizations both small and large.

It’s this diversity of projects he points to as a highlight of his work with Cloud Giants.

“I’m proud of the different kinds of engagements we’ve been able to deliver on,” Scott said. “We’ve helped a number of different organizations across different industries in my time here.”

Prior to Cloud Giants, he was Principal Software Applications Engineer and Senior Software Applications Engineer at Red Hat for four years. He credits this experience with stoking deeper interest in the Salesforce platform and community.

“When I left Red Hat originally, it was to travel across the Salesforce ecosystem,” Scott said. “I've appreciated the ability to wear different hats here, from working with lead consultants to visiting clients and communicating with them about their Salesforce needs. I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve been able to have while at Cloud Giants.”

Scott’s impact has been incredible, particularly as he joined in the earlier years of the company. And while he will certainly be missed around the office, Grant, Chad, and other Cloud Giants team members will continue their significant contributions on the technical and development side so clients experience a seamless continuation of their projects.

As with all our work, the transition period will be guided by our Core Values. And as we say farewell, the “Be Thankful” Core Value particularly resonates.

“Scott has been an important part of our formative years as an organization and he leaves a lasting impact that will shape our future,” said CEO and Founder Kelly Pfrommer.

“We’ve been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with an expert in this industry and a talented technical mind, one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege to work with,” she added. “Scott’s ability to carefully tailor his words to meet his audience allows him to take what is super complex and put it into terms anyone on any level understands, and that’s a gift. We can’t wait to see what Scott does next and we’re proud to have him as an esteemed member of our alumni.”

If you haven’t connected with him yet, Scott can be found on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

Best of luck in your new role, Scott! We’re cheering for you!