When Kelly Pfrommer first built Cloud Giants, she did so with certain core values in mind.

As we’ve grown, we’ve tried to be intentional about these values and incorporate them into everything we do.

They are: People First, Continuous Curiosity, Keep It Simple, Be Thankful, The Right Solution, and Have Fun.

With them in mind, it seems fitting with Thanksgiving this week that we stop for a moment to contemplate all the things we’re thankful for this holiday.

We’ve seen a few additions to Cloud Giants this year and we have so much to be grateful for as we gather with our families for the best meal of the year.

We’re grateful that we get to do the work that we do and for the people who help make this work so fulfilling and fun.

People we’re thankful for (who aren’t Cloud Giants, of course) include our awesome clients who make the work possible and help us strive to be the best we can at what we do. The folks at The Frontier and in the Research Triangle Park who’ve given us a great sense of community. And of course all of our Salesforce friends who are both local and further away.

Cloud Giants CEO Kelly Pfrommer at the entrance to our new office in Frontier 600.

Cloud Giants CEO Kelly Pfrommer at the entrance to our new office in Frontier 600.

We’re grateful for our new office in Frontier 600 that’s currently under construction. It’s incredibly exciting to have this brand new space to move into as we grow the company.

And of course, we’re thankful for the concept of growth itself. We continue to add new team members who feel as strongly as we do about our mission. They’re also driven by the idea of helping others, particularly when it comes to making the most out of Salesforce. And each new addition has brought energy, knowledge, and humor to their role.    

As a core value, Be Thankful is really about recognizing how fortunate we are. That’s one reason why Cloud Giants is a Pledge 1% company. By taking the pledge years ago, we committed to giving back to the community through our equity, time, product, or profit. This year for example, we’ve adopted a family from The Frontier Giving Wall to help make their holiday season a bit brighter.

Sometimes we can lose the forest through the trees in our daily routines. We’re glad that Thanksgiving Day will offer a deliberate time to celebrate all that we’re thankful for this year. And of course, we’re excited for the stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Wishing you safe travels and an enjoyable holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!