Jadaya Miller (middle row, second from right) with members of the Cloud Giants team. 

Jadaya Miller (middle row, second from right) with members of the Cloud Giants team. 

The Team

Working with Cloud Giants has been such a rewarding experience. From the very beginning, it was a warm and welcoming place, which made it very easy for me to feel like I was part of things right away. Not only does Cloud Giants provide stellar Salesforce platform expertise, they make you feel like part of a family. This makes a great environment for an intern.

That positive environment is reinforced daily by Founder and CEO Kelly Pfrommer, a caring and wonderful individual that I have been grateful to get to know. She sets the tone for the enjoyable atmosphere at Cloud Giants and it shows through everyone who works there.

Managing Tasks, Time, and Myself

From the tasks that I’ve worked on, I was able to learn multiple things. I learned the benefits of Salesforce functions as well as other tools that help clients use and benefit from the Salesforce platform. While working on tasks, I found that while it’s good to try to figure things out for myself first, if I get stuck, sometimes it’s much more useful to just ask someone for help. This can prevent spending too much unnecessary time on any one task.

Managing my time on certain tasks was one of the biggest lessons — it’s very easy to get lost in trying to make it perfect or overcomplicating it — which results in a task taking up more time than needed.

Interning at Cloud Giants has also taught me that it’s okay to not have all the answers and how to respond professionally if I don’t have the answer just yet. This lesson will be particularly helpful to keep in mind as I start my career.

Talking the Talk...

One of the most important things that I took from working with the Salesforce experts at Cloud Giants was the importance of effective communication. Being able to communicate expectations and in turn communicating understanding of those expectations allows for better time management. The more effective the communication, the more efficiently the task can be carried out.

...And Walking the Walk

Cloud Giants has also shown me the importance of building relationships with your clients and your team. This goes along with one of the Cloud Giants Core Values: People First.

Cloud Giants is a company that not only has strong core values, but actually lives them, which is something I have come to greatly respect. They enjoy each other and their clients, and love the continuous curiosity that comes with people asking questions about Salesforce.

They believe in keeping it simple, they love to express what they are thankful for, they understand the importance of finding the right solution for a client, and they are enjoyable and fun people.

These core values were something that I really connected with and their impact will stay with me wherever I go.

Overall, my time at Cloud Giants has taught me a lot. Each task reinforced something I was already good at or showed me what I needed to work on. I was given a variety of things to work on, from How-To documents that helped me understand processes on a deeper level, to using Form Assembly to create an application form for a client.

One task that I got a lot of value out of was creating a How-To document about lead nurturing. Recording the steps of the process made me think deeper about communication, the purpose of lead nurturing, and how it builds strong customer relationships.

Throughout the course of my internship, I was provided with constructive feedback that helped develop my skills and knowledge. What I gained will not only be useful for the workforce — I can apply it to my life. I’m very thankful that Cloud Giants has been so supportive and encouraging of my learning experiences.

The dedication, determination, and heart that goes into this company is something to admire, and I will forever be thankful for this wonderful experience. I’m also excited to see Cloud Giants continue moving in a positive direction — they’re headed for great things and they’re well-deserved.


Jadaya was born in Queens, NY, but didn't stay there long as her father was in the military. She ended up in Richlands, NC, for high school and graduated from North Carolina State University in 2017 with her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Jadaya is headed back to NC State this fall for the Master of Accounting Program and her goal after graduation is to move to a new state for an accounting position. She likes to eat at Chili’s and can be found there every year celebrating her birthday. Follow Jadaya’s future accomplishments by connecting with her on LinkedIn.