Cloud Giants is excited to be growing! In early 2019, we’ll be moving to a more expansive office across the street in Frontier 600. And this week, we welcome Stephen Pysnik to our team! A new consultant, Stephen brings years of experience working with Salesforce in the nonprofit sector.

He is formerly the Program Director of Kidznotes, a local music for social change program that engages students pre-K through 12th grade in an intense out-of-school musical program that includes instrumental instruction, choir, music theory, general music, orchestra, and band.

In this role, he supervised the implementation of Salesforce and worked with both his team of Salesforce users and consultants at Cloud Giants to ensure they got the Right Solution for their needs.

“I was essentially the point person for our implementation of Salesforce at Kidznotes,” Stephen said. “So on that end, I worked with the Cloud Giants team to drive the move from our old system so we fully embraced Salesforce as our new CRM.”

“While there, I served as the primary team member working with our Salesforce platform and invested a lot of time and thought into determining how certain solutions matched our needs as a nonprofit. I worked with Cloud Giants to make sure we were harnessing the Salesforce technology in the best way and became an evangelist in the organization to promote buy-in.”

Our relationship with one another has evolved from one of client collaborating on solutions for a specific nonprofit to team member collaborating on solutions across clients. We feel grateful that Stephen has made this transition and look forward to the insight he can provide from his years of experience as a nonprofit professional working with Salesforce and as a previous Cloud Giants partner.

When asked which of the Cloud Giants Core Values he associates with most closely, Stephen pointed to Continuous Curiosity. With a Ph.D. in Musicology from Duke University, his love of learning is clear.

“I’m a curious person by nature. I don’t want my knowledge to remain stagnant,” he said. “It’s also one of the things I love most about Salesforce. Every day is an opportunity to learn more. With so many things that I’m interested in, I want to know the machinations of what’s going on under the hood. Salesforce offers an incredible ongoing learning opportunity.”

Stephen continues to stay active in the local music scene, singing in groups like the Singers of New and Ancient Music (SONAM), the Vocal Arts Ensemble, and an acappella group called The Bibs. He’s also a total gaming nerd, and will never turn down an opportunity to play Settlers of Catan or Mario Kart. He loves a delicious cocktail, a juicy steak, RuPaul’s Drag Race, epic fantasies, Duke basketball, and singing musical theater at every possible moment.

You can visit his LinkedIn profile page to get to know him better or send him a welcome email at