Salesforce can be a treasure trove of insight for your organization. But once you get all of your data in the system, it can be difficult to visualize it. Reports and dashboards can solve this pain point making your data more accessible for your users and, ultimately, more actionable for your business.

Our CEO and Founder Kelly is leading a workshop at the North Carolina State University McKimmon Center on June 6th that will help you leverage your organization’s data and become a pro at reporting!

Why should I go?

We know there are tons of ways to learn Salesforce. From Trailhead to documentation and webinars, there’s something for every learning style. That said, piecing together the right learning path for your needs can be trial and error and take valuable time away from the actual work. This workshop offers a guided, hands-on approach with a six-time certified Salesforce expert leading the way — so you know you’re in good hands.  

We’ll apply project-based learning in a local environment to help take your skills to the next level. You’ll be able to ask questions live and in person while building on existing knowledge.

If you’re starting at the very beginning of your Salesforce journey, this workshop is ideal for beginners to intermediate level users.

What can I expect?

Before the workshop, participants will sign up for a free developer edition of Salesforce. You’ll be able to follow along throughout the workshop, building reports, dashboards, and list views in real time with expert guidance. If you’re unsure what those terms mean, don’t fret! This workshop will also cover Salesforce terminology so you can leave sounding like an admin rockstar.

I know nothing about Salesforce, should I go?

Yes! This workshop will get you started with the right language and tools in your tool belt. You’ll leave with actionable knowledge and you’ll know where to look to learn more.

I work with Salesforce every day, but don’t have much admin experience. Should I go?

Absolutely! You’ll breeze through the setup, but as we get to more advanced topics, you’ll put your learning cap on. This workshop will build on what you already know, re-establish best practices, and help you get to the next level with reports and dashboards.

I’m an admin with multiple Salesforce certifications. Should I go?

Maybe. This workshop may be a review for you, as you already know how to navigate through data, reports, and dashboards. However, it could be a great place to re-engage with reports if it’s been a while since you worked in that space. Do you manage a group of admins or Salesforce rockstars that you are helping? This may be a great place for them to learn!

I’m ready! What else do I need to know?


June 6th 1–5:15 p.m.
August 15th — not online yet, but coming soon.


The McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education
N.C. State University Campus

What should I bring?

A pen, optionally a notebook, and your best self! We will provide some handouts to take notes on and follow along with.

Where do I sign up?

At this link. That big sign up button on the page will also do the trick!

Hope to see you June 6th!