Cloud Giants has hit a growth spurt and we’re excited to welcome Deanna Jacobs to the team as Associate Consultant!

Originally from upstate New York, Deanna spent much of her childhood on her family’s dairy farm until moving to North Carolina in high school when her parents changed careers. She witnessed their incredible work ethic starting at a young age on the farm, and it’s something she points to as shaping her own drive and ambition.

“My job growing up was scraping out cow stalls,” Deanna said. “It wasn’t glamorous work, but I did get to see my parents manage a business so that really shaped me and how I approach work.”

Most recently, Deanna graduated from Momentum, a software development immersive course located at American Underground in downtown Durham after fifteen years as an educator. While at Momentum, she learned Python, Javascript, and Django along with other development processes.

“[It] was an amazing experience,” she said. “I was able to grow my developer skill set there while also learning about project management and Agile methodology. Those processes reminded me of teaching choir. You have to pace out the learning of a piece of music and be able to dissect it layer by layer. Being able to break things down to make a wonderful end product is something I’m well versed in doing.  Being a consultant in Salesforce has so many similarities.”

Deanna is excited to continue learning Salesforce and is working to obtain her Salesforce Administration Certification. She’s passionate about nonprofits, goal setting, and connecting people with their needs.

“I wanted to be challenged and wanted to problem solve. Salesforce presents an ongoing opportunity to do both,” she said. “I’m ultimately passionate about helping people and excited to contribute to the team’s work.”

Deanna holds a degree in Vocal Music Education from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She’s also a master avid Googler and was a Google rater with LionBridge for some time. It’s made her a bit of a random fact guru.

You can learn more about Deanna and connect with her on LinkedIn or contact her directly at