I'd like to welcome Cloud Giants' newest team member, Chad Pfrommer.  Yes, yes - we have the same last name.  No, no - he's not my hubs. Chad's my brother-in-law and a great developer.

Chad brings to us a wealth of experience in technology and will drive the programatic development that Cloud Giants delivers.  Here's more about Chad (in his own words) than you will see on our people page.  Chad, please tell us about yourself and why you are working here at Cloud Giants (other than the fact that I pestered you for nearly a year):

"I came to Cloud Giants after working for PayPal as a senior software engineer for over 5 years.  PayPal was great, however I eventually realized that I wanted to be part of something with a more personal touch; somewhere I could work closer with clients in order to truly make them happy.  Kelly had previously mentioned joining Cloud Giants and it seemed like exactly what I was looking for.
"It's been almost 2 months now and there's no doubt in my mind - I made the right decision.  I've really enjoyed taking a more involved role in what I deliver to clients, from inception to implementation to deployment.  Making people happy is one of the things that makes me tick, and I am in a better position to do that now than in any other position I've been in professionally.  I really do feel like I've finally found my home here at Cloud Giants.
"Random things about me: my wife and I (who are somewhat inseparable) are avid triathletes (I am a 2x Ironman), we primarily practice a plant-based vegan diet, and we enjoy traveling (we like to take a trip somewhere at least once every 3 months).  I recently discovered (much to my delight, but perhaps my wife's discontent) that Cloud Giants allows me to work from a beach in the Caribbean!  So... that's gonna be happening more often :D"