Salesforce Implementations


The beauty of Salesforce is that it’s so customizable. In fact, the options can be overwhelming when you’re just getting started!

Having an expert who can guide your decision making and marry your Salesforce implementation to your business goals can make all the difference when starting out.

Getting the process right on the first go round can also save a substantial partners who navigated implementation on their own.

If you have third party applications you’d like to integrate as part of your Salesforce implementation —and of course you do! — we’ve got tons of experience doing that too. We’ve integrated and used a variety of third party applications including TaskRay, Lucidchart, and Config Workbook just to name a few.

This might look like

Making strategic decisions from the start in order to set you up for success. Developing and implementing data models that fit your needs or configuring your system settings to prepare for the integration of third party apps.

Is It Right For Your Organization?

If you’re considering implementing Salesforce for the first time, then finding an expert who can guide the process is absolutely the right fit for your organization.

Salesforce is a powerful tool and can be the one source of truth for your business — but it’s hard for a solution to be both robust and simple at the same time.

At Cloud Giants, one of our Core Values is Keep It Simple and we like to approach Salesforce with this in mind as much as possible. We focus on user adoption, best practices, and system governance before adding advanced functionality.

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