Salesforce CPQ

Configure, Price, Quote


Give your team the ability to move from quote to cash fast with the power of Salesforce CPQ. Our Salesforce experts can help automate discounts, pricing, and approvals so your team can spend less time working on quotes and more time closing opportunities.

If you’ve implemented CPQ with another party but need an expert to help make it pain free, we also have experience guiding our partners through this effort.

This might look like

Working with an expert to streamline your product list prior to implementation. Automating complex pricing options including discounts, multiple currencies, and scheduled renewals.

Assessing an implementation that’s not The Right Solution to troubleshoot and improve it, optimizing for your business needs and current processes.

Is It Right For Your Organization?

CPQ is a complex tool and not necessarily the right tool for every organization. That said, if your current quoting processes are bogged down by red tape, it might be the right solution for your needs.

If you’re considering implementing CPQ, it can save your team lots of time and headaches. Here are the top five things to consider if you’re thinking about implementing CPQ.

This blog post on what to consider and when compares CPQ to the standard quoting tool in Salesforce, so you can more easily determine what might be right for your organization.

Need help with salesforce cpq?

Whether it’s implementation or optimization, we’re here to help you get the most value from CPQ. Curious what that kind of engagement might look like? Get in touch with us to share your unique business needs and get the ball rolling.