Our development team can streamline Salesforce processes that would otherwise congest your day. It may be a corny saying, but there’s measurable value in working smarter rather than harder.

For instance, automation of an application process quickly saved one partner over 200 hours of people power within two months of implementation.

For businesses looking for a good return on investment, automated processes can offer continuous time, effort, and of course monetary savings.

We know that hiring a dedicated developer can also be an expensive move. That’s why our Administration as a Service (AaaS) customers have access to our developers, who can help you tackle more complex problems, without the overhead.

Since we’ll already know your Salesforce org well, our development team can identify other opportunities for helping your business increase efficiency that might not be on your radar. When paired with our Admin as a Service offering, you get this additional cost saving work without needing to expand your budget.

This might look like

Using tools like Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Components to automate day-to-day processes and streamline your team’s workflow.

Is It Right For Your Organization?

Here’s something other Salesforce consultants might not say to you, there’s a chance this might not be the right solution for your organization.

At Cloud Giants, we value clicks over code — meaning custom work that relies on code isn’t our go-to method when making changes to your system.

This custom work with code can be incredibly valuable in creating efficiencies, but it can break more easily and takes a true expert to navigate and build on if you want future changes (and with Salesforce there will always be future changes).

We’re happy to work with you on a solution that will be sustainable for the long term — if that’s custom code, we’ll make sure you’re left with the right documentation to support it as your organization grows.

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