CEO Kelly Pfrommer working with Cloud Giant Grant Mangum.

CEO Kelly Pfrommer working with Cloud Giant Grant Mangum.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is postponed until February and details will be updated once they are available.

One of the reasons we love working with Salesforce is that it’s so customizable and you can run your whole business on the platform. With all that data captured in one place, you can get a quick snapshot of your business or dive into the details.

It’s not surprising that data is being called the new oil — once that data is refined and made actionable, it’s a resource that can power your business unlike any other. But that analysis is dependent on having the right tools and the right knowledge of how to wield them.

To this end, Salesforce provides incredible educational content through Trailhead, a gamified online learning platform with modules that correspond to different guided learning paths. A self-paced system, you can teach yourself nearly any aspect of Salesforce completely on your own.

It’s a great resource we use ourselves.

We also like to supplement our Trailhead learning with other opportunities for advancing our skills  — especially ones where you get to meet other users and learn in person. Because Salesforce is always changing and improving, we have to be changing and improving too!

At Cloud Giants, we’re eager to share what we know with others and thrilled to be partnering with Momentum Learning in downtown Durham, NC to do just that. Together, we’re launching a brand new, half-day workshop to help sales teams get the most out of Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce.

As robust as Trailhead is, sometimes users don’t have time to go through a self-paced learning journey and need answers to their questions much more quickly. This, combined with growing demand for Salesforce training, inspired us to create this course alongside the great folks at Momentum Learning.

Taught by our CEO Kelly Pfrommer, participants will learn how to dig into their organization’s data and create actionable reports and dashboards to guide their sales team activity.

It’s a great opportunity to explore your Salesforce with the guidance of an expert, ask questions while working, and get responses in real time.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to answer specific questions about their business using reports, dashboards, and list views. They’ll become familiar with key Salesforce reporting terminology, learn how to access time-saving prebuilt solutions, and understand how security settings impact what data users are able to see in reports.

Participants will also learn how to create and run custom reports, dashboards, and list views while avoiding common pitfalls. It’s all in the name of business empowerment through data and improving ROI.

Join Kelly in downtown Durham at Momentum Learning on November 7th from 1 to 5 p.m. for this workshop and get up and running with Salesforce Report and Dashboards in an afternoon’s time.

Learn more about the class and how you can tap into the awesome network of Salesforce users in the Triangle at the same time.